‘Life Stories’ live on and on. You are building a legacy right now in your life, and you have inherited a legacy from your family before you. What will it be and what is it? We can recall how life has been and is as a result of the family we have grown up in. Some of us can be most proud because of the heritage of being brought up in a loving,  godly family that has lasted  and is expressed in our lives today. There are some in our churches that their legacy is being built and continues so evident in the lives of their families today, a lasting impact their lives have upon the church as a result. Today at Calvary Baptist Church we have several who fit into that category. Certificates of just two of these have been printed up in our National Missions Office and will be presented to them. They are:

1. Bro. Jack Bateman, who along with his precious wife served on the mission field in Taiwan for many years. After having  retired and moved back to the states, settled here  in Arlington and became members of Calvary ,  just  being members wasn’t enough, Bro. Jack and Sister Latrell began another mission to the Chinese people and for many years traveled back and forth to  Plano, Texas, to serve as missionaries. God saw fit to call Sis. Latrell home to heaven a few years back, but Bro. Jack still has a heart for the mission.  Heaven only know s how many lives have been and are being touched through the legacy of these two faithful servants.   As we present this Certificate of Legacy today to Bro. Jack in his name, it goes with the legacy of his faithful wife, Latrell, as well.

2. Mrs. Peggy Kennedy Also, we honor and present a Certificate of Legacy to Mrs. Peggy Kennedy. Ms. Peggy and her late husband, B. P., have served the Lord here at Calvary for many years, not charter members but some of the oldest members in longevity here at Calvary. The Lord saw fit to call Bro. B. P. home to heaven several years ago but his legacy lives on through his faithful wife and children. He served as Treasurer here at Calvary for many years and Sis. Peggy has served as Church Clerk and Sunday school teacher faithfully for many years (around 50 years?). She has served in the Nursery caring for the little ones who she loves dearly. Her girls have served the church as pianist and organist and teachers of the little ones as well. The lives of Sis. Peggy and Bro. B. P. live on and have many stories that exemplify the Lord and their faithfulness. So, as we present this Certificate of Legacy to Sis. Peggy today, we also recognize the legacy of her faithful husband as well.

The legacy of these people will live on and on in the life of Calvary Baptist Church. As we celebrate this World Missions Day with the theme A Legacy of Hope here at Calvary, we can recall many who have influenced our lives because of their impact on our lives and the life of the BMA of America. May the legacy of our lives live on to have a positive impact on our families in the cause of the Lord Jesus Christ. God is faithful and may we be also.