This last week has been a very trying time for many of my dear friends and my family as well. The only solace we have in some areas is the fact that God is in control of all that takes place and effects His children.  

Good health is a very precious thing and sometimes it is easy to take that for granted. However, there are those who are having some very serious health problems, and some are termed by the experts as being “terminal”, it is just a matter of time for some. Not knowing the outcome is an anxious thing. We know that our Lord and Savior never leaves nor forsakes His own and that is the consolation we have. 

Someone you may know may be in such a situation. How will you reach out to them in such a time as this? Prayer is the major thing for we know that God cares for those who are experiencing difficult circumstances. Some of us can put feet to our prayers and be there for them in ways that will be very encouraging and strengthening. In my immediate circumstance, we have Home Health Care providers, personnel that are so God-sent messengers in providing care, compassion, and provisions. I have a dear friend that arrangements are being made by both the wife and husband for the approaching day of his departure, and through it all, they are trusting God and enjoying each other as best they can with God’s Grace supplying their need for the time.  

God is Good all the time and I share this with you to encourage you to encourage some you may know that need a touch from God.