A Recent Article printed in the AFA Journal was entitled Challenge for Christians, hope of our salvation , written by Randall Murphree had this  statement included in it. The article was facts as given by David Barton and Jim Garlow. The statement read: “It is tragic that authentic evangelicalism seems almost to have been lost,” Garlow said. “Barna research reports that 90% of Protestant pastors agree that the Bible speaks to moral and social issues in our culture [abortion, gay marriage, et.al.], but only about 10% are courageous enough to address those issues from the pulpit.”

Isn’t that sad? Yet, this is where we are in our great land of America.

On our Marquee sign, we have posted this truth: Abortion is Sin – Killing Babies Is Murder. I have messages left on my phone recorder about this. The first was very ugly, and I was called many ‘bad’ names, very filthy names because of this message, saying ultimately that we need to get up to the times and get our heads out of the sand. He was very, very rude and ugly, which is so typical of too many in our society today. Then, last week, I received a message from a lady who identified herself by name and was highly complementary of the message and the courage of us having posted the message. She stated that she was a Catholic but after seeing this message on our marquee she was so thankful and said it made her to want to be a member of our church for having the courage to post the truth of the message.

Christian friends, the message being portrayed by the lives we live and folks view is having a lasting impression on many we may never know. We must be sure that we portray the Truth of God’s Word in every way.