Praise is a part of worship! 

Pastor’s Words from Experiences! 

Roller coaster type of situations have a tendency to cause one to reject a continual attitude of praise and worship. Satan has a way of impacting one’s life in a way to cause the lack of worship. 

Case in point!  

Let me share this quote to pre-empt the words I want to share with you. 

The famous C. H. Spurgeon said this: “The more of Heaven there is in our lives, the less of earth we shall covet.” 

Now I want you to understand what I share is not a boast on my part but a praise on the faithfulness of our God and Savior. 

The last year with the health condition of my bride and sweetheart (wife), there have been a lot times that Satan tried to do a work and still tries. I can tell you that God is faithful and has all power over our enemy. Sue has had both negative and positive episodes in her health status as most of you know. This last week, I want to show you how that God worked to prove His faithfulness, His care, and His provision. It began last Monday at the Wound Care Center when the doctor saw that her foot and leg was in bad shape as far as circulation was concerned. She immediately sent us to the Vascular Specialist to check the situation. The specialist was certain that there was a blockage that required a procedure to be done, an Arteriogram. It was scheduled for Monday, March 4th. The Home Health Nurse came the next day to dress the wound and was very displeased with what she saw. She dressed the wound on Sue’s heel but in just a little while after leaving the house, she texted me and said she was going to contact the Vascular Clinic and let them know that she did not feel the foot could make it till next Monday, so, she made contact and they told us to go to the Emergency Room NOW! We did and an Ultrasound was done that proved there to be a blockage. He discharged her with the instruction that the Arteriogram needed to be done the next Monday. The Vascular office called the next morning to follow up after the ER visit. Long story short, she talked to the Specialist and he said for her to come in at 6:30 the next morning. The procedure was performed, the blockage was found, the blockage was cleared, and she immediately began to have a pulse and improved circulation in her leg and foot!! PTL. She immediately had pain relief and as of this writing, she has not had a pain pill! 

Now I want you to see how that God did what we needed because He is faithful and cares for His own. The personnel being used, initiated by the HHC nurse started the ball rolling and all fell into place for the procedure to take place in just a short period of time. 

God worked everything out in a way that only He could do and we PRAISE HIM for His great mercy and provision. 

Now, can you see how that God worked? 

We praise Him for this positive outcome. 

Now, let me just say, I am human but I am one of God’s children and He has blessed us in every low time by ‘never leaving nor for-saking us’ and we can praise Him in those low times…it just makes the high times just that more glorious when you see how He works. 

I am so thankful for the ones God has put in our lives to care for Sue. They do a marvelous work and God is praised by them!