I appreciate Bro. Ron Fuller and Bro. Mark Bateman meeting each week to record the message and send it out on line, YouTube. A new Computer has been purchased and installed which is much faster and will allow better streaming. You will notice the new format from which I am being projected on screen. I am in the same place but the new technology that has been installed gives a more professional look. I trust you will like it

Public Meetings:.

Public Meetings are still restricted so we will have to send the message on line each week until the bans for assembly are lifted.  You can join in as it is being delivered at about 11:15 every Sunday. You can log in on our church website and go to Video Live and view it as it is being delivered. The web site is: calvarybaptistarlington.org. If you have any questions, call me at 469-964-4600 or Ron at 817-946-9433 or Mark Bateman at 817-637-4303. We will assist you in getting hooked up  I know that you join me in thanking them as well.