Where Two or More are Gathered

2101 South Davis, Arlington, TX
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About Us

Calvary Baptist Church History

Established in 1953 in Arlington, TX.

What is BMAA?

Association of

What is a Baptist?

A Baptist is a follower of Jesus Christ. 

BMA of America

Find Us

Find Us

We are on the North East corner of Pioneer Parkway and Davis.

Service Times

Sunday Bible Class – 10 am

Sunday Worship – 11 am

Sunday Evening – 5 pm

Wednesday Evening – 7 pm


We are located on the north east corner of South Davis and Pioneer Parkway.

Calvary Baptist Church

2101 South Davis Drive
Arlington, TX


Girl’s Missionary Auxilliary

Teaching girls to grow into women of faith.

Men’s Group

Third Saturday of the month the men meet at church for some food, fellowship and bible study.

WMA – Women’s Missionary Auxilliary

Join once a month Women’s bible study.

Galilean Boy’s Group

Following the Galilean program to teach boys the ways of Jesus.

BMAA Missions

Featured BMAA Missionaries

Phil Knott – Africa

Please pray for: New fields and new churches in Ibadan, Nigeria and Shinyanga, Tanzania. Training networks in Ghana to help increase the level of pastoral leadership and ministry skills. New churches in Mozambique, a missionary effort of the churches of the BMA of...

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Brandon Lingle – Thailand

Please pray for: Our church plant, North Bangkok Church, as we start the registration process (this can take a while), and start regular worship meetings outside of our home, Lord willing. Our family will have many opportunities this year to share the gospel with our...

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Sermons / Blog

From the Pastor

For your information and update on Sue.  She has not done well for several weeks now and has had to make two trips to the Emergency Room for Digestive Problems. Due to her condition, we have not been able to go to the Wound Care Clinic for the last two weeks. The...

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Trying Times

This last week has been a very trying time for many of my dear friends and my family as well. The only solace we have in some areas is the fact that God is in control of all that takes place and effects His children.   Good health is a very precious thing...

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Joining A Church

Someone once called a pastor to say he wanted to join the church. But, he went on to explain, that he did not want to worship every week, study the Bible, visit the sick, witness to non-Christians or serve as a leader or teacher.  The pastor...

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God’s Perspective on War

Romans 13:1-4    War is a very controversial subject in both the world and the church. Considering the broad spectrum of views and opinions, those who follow Christ would do well to search the Scriptures and ask what does the Lord think about war?          In...

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Latest Message

Lessons about PRIDE.

January 20, 2019