Someone once called a pastor to say he wanted to join the church. But, he went on to explain, that he did not want to worship every week, study the Bible, visit the sick, witness to non-Christians or serve as a leader or teacher. 

The pastor commended him for his desire to join but told him the church he sought was located in another section of town.  

The man took the directions and hung up. 

When he arrived at the church, the man came face to face with the logical result of his own apathetic attitude. There stood an abandoned church building boarded up and ready for demolition. 

Church Attendance 

If the Christian is not in the Lord’s house on the Lord’s Day with the Lord’s people, it is practically certain that he is not doing anything else that a Christian should be doing. He is not praying, not studying his Bible, not giving, nor witnessing to others. 

Sad but True! 

Too many in our time have been a ‘member’ of a ‘church’ for many years, but there is nothing in their life or in their testimony that tells that ‘they’ were really concerned about the Lord’s Church! 

I trust that this story does not fit your life and testimony, but I do hope that it does serve as a reminder that Jesus saved us to be an active part of His family and birthing new members in His family!