For your information and update on Sue. 

She has not done well for several weeks now and has had to make two trips to the Emergency Room for Digestive Problems. Due to her condition, we have not been able to go to the Wound Care Clinic for the last two weeks. The Home Health Care nurse has been coming and treating her Pressure Wounds on her foot. They are increasing due to a problem with her circulation and intake on her diet. 

She was scheduled to have a Balloon Procedure last Wednesday to open a blockage in her right leg again but due to her strength she was unable to make that. It is rescheduled for August 5th. 

Last Wednesday evening we went to the ER due to dehydration. She was given two bags of fluid along with a bag of potassium and a bag of magnesium and sent home. She is on a ‘Bland Diet’, but her intake is at a very minimal state. She is very weak and has now developed another Pressure Wound on her bottom, which we caught early and treatment was begun immediately. We are scheduled to see the Wound Care Doctor Monday, the 29th. 

Her Alzheimer’s is still on the increase so I appreciate all of you who are praying for her and simply ask that you continue and may God’s will be done. We know and trust Him for His divine will to prevail. We are all learning patience and leaning on Isaiah 40:31 and Proverbs 3:5-6 

I am so blessed to have our oldest daughter to stay with us and help in this very needful and trying time.  She has been and is a great help to us. God is Good and Faithful!! 

Isaiah 40:29-31 

          Waiting for God to answer a prayer request is often stressful and frustrating. This is especially true if the issue is urgent or we’ve been praying for months or even years without any evidence of an answer. We must remember that God is working according to His timetable, not ours. He is the sovereign and omniscient ruler of heaven and earth, who works all things according to the counsel of His will. 

          However, this doesn’t mean He’s a cosmic despot who doesn’t care. On the contrary, He is our loving heavenly Father, who is infinitely good, wise, and powerful. He continually watches over and cares for His beloved children. 

          From our limited earthly perspective, however, the delay may seem pointless, trying our patience and challenging our faith. Periods of waiting are very often accompanied by fear, stress, or grief. These negative feelings could easily push us forward in search of a solution or lead us into despair. But the Lord has promised protection and provision for those who wait upon Him. If we’ll turn to Him, trusting in His wisdom and love, He will not only strengthen us to endure but will also help us mature through the process. 

          When the Lord leads you into the “waiting room,” He wants you to keep in step with Him. If you become impatient and try to run ahead, you’ll miss whatever He has for you, whether lessons or blessings or something else. Delays are not easy, but when His answer finally comes, you’ll discover that your patience and trust in Him have grown.